And So Starts a New Journey…


Thank you for stopping by Fine Tuning Our Lives.  I’m delighted you’re here!

Don’t you just love it when someone shares something with you that saves you time, money or helps you with a struggle you might be experiencing?  There have been countless times that I’ve thought, “I wish someone would have told me that sooner.”  That is exactly what I want to be able to accomplish here.

If you read my “About” page, you know that this blog stems from a desire to help the younger generation in ways that will encourage and equip them to be more excellent wives, mothers and homemakers.  If that’s your desire, and I know it is, then let’s start this journey together and see where it goes.

I know many years ago as a young wife and then later a mother, there were times that I would have benefitted greatly from a wiser woman’s perspective.  This wisdom comes from experience, and I just didn’t seek that out.  Now, I’m talking about back in the 80’s and the internet wasn’t around to look to.  There were older woman at my disposal; I just didn’t think to approach anyone.  So some of the things I will be able to share will come out of my own failures, as well as just ordinary life experiences.

I have come across many books over the years that have been helpful and will suggest those from time to time and hopefully be able to provide links to places that offer them to help you access them easier.

So all that being said, I am anxious to get going, and with God’s help provide encouragement, instruction or inspiration to help you as you strive to fine tune your life.  This could be  the beginning of a great relationship, and I look forward to hearing from you! God bless.

Until next time,