The Power of Encouragement

Isn’t it a great feeling, especially after a busy day, to have someone tell you, “that meal was delicious,” or “wow, the house looks great,” or “thanks, Mom for coming to my spelling bee,” or those sweet words out of that two-year olds mouth, “I wuv you.”  It just does something inside us that gives us that encouragement we needed.

I imagine some of you are thinking, right about now, that you would pass out onto the floor if some of those comments were said to you, right?  I totally understand.  We know how good it feels when someone encourages us with kind words; it inspires us with hope that we are doing a good job.  There’s real power behind those words that let a person know you’re backing them up.

Now, we may not hear these words as often as we may like to, in all reality.  BUT, if you can push that aside and focus on Proverbs 31:26 that says “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness,” we can become a powerful encouragement to our husbands, children, family members, co-workers, and virtually anyone we have interaction with.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and just do what needs to be done without really thinking about how we are doing it.  In our hearts we, of course, want to be using wisdom in what we do right?  And then, of course, we want everything that comes out of our mouth to be kind, right?  Believe me, I know from my own failures in this area that this isn’t, most of the time, what happens.  It’s extremely hard to be encouraging when someone tracks mud across your freshly mopped floor.  I guarantee you lots of times the “law of kindness” did not come out of my mouth.

To be that encouraging and empowering person we want to be, let’s look back to what the Bible verse said.  “She openeth her mouth with wisdom.”  One way to interpret that would be to think before you speak.  That takes practice I can tell you from experience.  Then apply the second half of the verse, “And in her tongue is the law of kindness.”  Ouch, that hasn’t always happened either. That’s pretty self explanatory. Trust me, through prayer and practice, these are both quite attainable, most of the time, anyway.  I’ve also learned, (this is one of those things, ladies, that if you start now, you can save yourself lots of let’s say discussions) there are times to just say nothing.  Sometimes people need us to just listen and not say anything.

Wives, our husbands need us to be their cheerleader, if you will,  and not focus so much on their shortcomings, or those habits that he’s had ever since you married him.  Let the kind words come and resist the negative.  By doing this, we empower our husbands by boosting their confidence and draw them closer to us.

Moms, our children need our positive reinforcement and praise as much as possible.  Simply rephrasing and turning a negative comment into a positive one can make a difference and then you don’t feel like you’re always “on them.”  This empowers them with a confidence to want to please you.

Ladies, whether we’re married, have kids or not, we all have opportunities where we can encourage people.  When we reach out to be an encouragement to others,we are not only building their confidence, but our own confidence as well, which in turn encourages and empowers us.




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  1. Thank you for this! It’s just the kind of personal encouragement that I needed to be able to give my own encouragement. 😊

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