Clutter to Clarity

Happy Spring!!  I love springtime with all the beautiful green that starts showing and seeing the flowers pop their little heads above the ground.  The weather starts to warm up, or at least it will eventually, the baby bunnies are born, and if you live by a pond you just might catch a glimpse of the ducklings swimming around with their mother.   What a wonderful time of renewal and regrowth and a fantastic showing of the beauty God has created.  Psalms 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” His evidence is everywhere!  What a fantastic time of year.

This is also the time when you hear people talk about doing spring cleaning.  Don’t you wish this was the only time of year we had to clean?  I mean really, it never stops.  I supposed spring cleaning  meant things like cleaning windows, porches, etc.  I was curious about what it really means so I looked it up.  Here’s what the dictionary said: “a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.”  So much for what I thought it meant.  Well, now you know, for whatever that’s worth.

Part of cleaning sometimes includes clearing out clutter.  For several months now I have been making it a point a few times a week to find an area that could use some attention. It might be to clean out a drawer, or go through stuff on a shelf, or everyone’s favorite, clean out a closet.  I find items that usually are not needed anymore and give them away or throw them away.  It’s so refreshing to look in a drawer that has recently been organized or a bookshelf that’s nice and neat.  The difficult part for me is getting rid of things…sometimes.

Take for instance, I’m currently in the process of removing the 4-inch square white tiles from the shower area in one of our bathrooms.  The last couple of  times that I have worked on tearing them off I found myself looking at perfectly good tiles that I just couldn’t resist keeping some of.  What am I going to do with them, you ask?  I have no idea.  I just know they will come in handy later…for something…useful or… well you get the idea.  Anyway, the point is we, or at least some of us, constantly want to hang on to things.  That’s not always bad, because some stuff comes in really handy.  It’s just figuring out where to draw that line.

You know, there is a good parallel here as far as clutter goes in our lives also.  It’s easy to keep things hanging around in our hearts or minds that really aren’t helpful or good.  In fact, they are quite the opposite.  Do you harbor hard feelings toward family members, friends, or co-workers?    As believers, we grieve the Holy Spirit when we do this.  Ephesians 4 says, “Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice (v. 31): And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you (v. 32).”  I wouldn’t  want to be described as that first verse, would you?  I’d much rather let the second verse be what I strive to do, and I trust you would as well.  Let’s strive to get rid of this type of clutter and have clarity of heart in its place.

Another reason springtime is special to me is because it was this time of year, actually April 7th, many years ago that I realized my life was not my own and that Jesus’ life was given as ransom in my place.  I am thankful for His dying on the cross as payment for my sins and for His resurrection from the dead, as we just celebrated last week. I was not looking for Him but am so glad that He came knocking on my heart’s door and took a lot of clutter I had in my life back then and turned it into clarity to guide my future as I have lived striving to please Him.

Until next time, God Bless,