Train Up A Child…

The past several weeks my grandson has been in town and he and I got to have a wonderful time together, for which I am very thankful.  Now I absolutely love being a Nana, no doubt about that, but along with all that entails, I feel a huge responsibility also therein lies.  Going to the park, having treasure hunts, eating Tootsie pops together… all that is tremendous fun; but what I also want to share with him, as I did with my own children growing up, is that God loves him, has a purpose for his life and wants him to come to know His Son, Jesus.

I had waited a long time to have a child, not of my own choosing, and when I finally had this little, (no I can’t say that, because he was over 10 pounds) sweet large baby I was elated.  I was determined to do my best for him.  What that meant for me was, of course providing the necessities, food, clothing, shelter and, the thing that came most easily, love.  It’s love that gets us through those first weeks at home, getting thrown up on, losing sleep, changing diapers, and a whole new chapter of life.

I loved this child and wanted to do everything possible to raise him to be the best he could be, right?  What exactly did that mean?  I fed him nutritious food, kept him safe, taught him age appropriate skills.  This was all monumental to his future, but as a Christian I also needed to help him see the importance of God in his life.  The Bible has many verses pertaining to raising children.  I knew I had to teach him, his sister and brother that followed about the awesome Creator of them, and everything else in this world.

Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  So as much as possible, I poured things of God into them.  Even as babies I would tell them when we were outside that God made the sky and the grass and then next time ask them “who made the grass?”  When their little voice comes out with the answer “God,” that fuels the drive to keep up the task at hand.  As they grew, teaching them how to pray by doing something we called “STOP and pray” was a great way to keep prayer in all our minds.  When we would stop at a stop sign it would be one of their turns to name a person or incident and then pray.  Bible truths woven into their lives was what I was trying to accomplish.  It wasn’t constant because we weren’t perfect parents and  lots of times I had to apologize to my kids for my failures that came out right in front of them.  I believe telling them I’m sorry was just the right thing to do, if I expect them to be able to do the same thing.  I might add here that kids seem to always pick up on the things we don’t necessarily mean for them to, so be mindful that both good and not-so-good gets taught, whether we meant for it to or not.

See, the more you can get into them, I believe will help them as they grow up and get into situations that aren’t always, wholesome, let’s say.  If you’ve put God’s Word into them, it’s always there, I believe, even if it’s in the back of their minds and can come to the forefronts of their minds in times of need.  They aren’t gonna be perfect, because they are human and also, well  because they came from us.

I did, all that I did in pointing my children to God so that one day they would hopefully realize and accept what God’s son, Jesus, did on the cross for them and accept Him into their hearts.  Thankfully, they all did this, so now I can focus on the next generation in this respect.  As much as I wanted this for my children, the desire is ever so strong for my grandchildren as well.  And so continues the challenge.

I hope this will encourage you wherever you are in your journey to look at the children in your life, maybe not even your own, and find moments to point them to God thus fulfilling the verse that says, “Train up a child.”

Until Next Time, God Bless



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